Product code: 18F


We have designed complete honey processing lines for the different size of production operations. Lines available are 18-200 frame in capacity.

The production lines are designed to be operated by one person, but in the largest lines optimal capacity can be reached with two persons. All lines are identical by their operational principles. The configuration and the increase in the line size will only enhance production capacity.

Uncapping Machine options:

A) SB Uncapper (5 frame Slide Feed Magazine, Heated Vibrating Blades, Capacity up to 6-8 frames/min)

B) S1B Rolling Pricker Uncapper (5 frame Slide Feed Magazine, Heated Vibrating Blades and Rolling Prickers, Capacity up to 6-8 frames/min)

Honey and Wax processing options:

A) P100 Honey & Wax Press system (capacity up to 100 kg/h)

B) RW75 Honey Rocket System (capacity up to 75 kg/h)

Example 18 frames layout with P100 wax press

Length of this example line approx. 3,0m

Size of 18 Frame Extracting Line with RW75 Honey Rocket

L: x W: x H: x

Electricity: 240V single phase or 400V three phase

Power requirement: 32A

Voltage: 208/240 – 50/60 hz or 230/400 – 50/60 hz

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