Product code: C1250


The Centrifuge System is definitely the most powerful tool on the market for the honey and wax separation process. The Centrifuge is designed to meet the needs of professional honey producers for the continuous large scale honey and wax separation.

The honey and wax from the extracting line or other systems is mixed in the stirrer tank. The honey and wax mix is pumped by an inverter controled cappings pump through the vertical heat exchanger and into the centrifuge. The heat exchanger guarantees the optimal temperature for the honey and wax mix. The temperature is adjusted by a digital control system. After the centrifuge, the honey is pumped with a sensor controlled pump from the honey sump into the clarifying tank.

The centrifuge is designed for professional and continuous operation. Now you can concentrate on other tasks while the centrifuge produces clear honey and dry wax. Only our models have the built in lifter for a fast and efficient cleaning of the centrifuge rotor.

Capacity: up to 1250 kg/h

Length: xx cm

Width: xx cm

Height: xx cm

Motor: x,x kW


Power requirement:

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