Beebox Smart System

Product code: BS


Advantages of the Smart Beebox system:

– Start with the new easy way of beekeeping by adding Beebox Smart technology to your existing Beebox hives!
– 24 h honey harvesting in any weather
– The honey extracting machines are not needed!
– No unnecessary frame removal from hives. They can be inspected from the outside!
– The harvesting does not disturb the bees!
– Easy to use with all 8F and 10F Beebox products!
– Honey is collected directly from the hive
=> More spare time to keep more bees with less investment!
The best and the easiest way to produce monofloral honey types!
Most simple and efficient way to produce honey
– The new Smart frame is opened with an electric tool!

The Beebox Smart System is fully compatible and designed to be used with Beebox 8F and 10F beehives.

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