Product code: P1000


Continuously operating press system for capping’s honey and wax treatment. The mix drops into the hopper cone and is pushed forward by the screw. The constantly increasing pressure forces the honey to flow through the holes in the strainer plates and drop into the honey sump below. The wet wax parts are stopped by the filter plates along the screw. The dry wax is carried forward to the end of the screw where it is collected in the basin. The strainer works also as a pre-filter. The best result comes when the mixture is gently pre-heated. The honey and wax press system is excellent for cold mixtures process, coming straight from the beehive as well.

All the models have inverter force and capacity control for the best performance for different types of honey which is time saving and energy. The result of this process offers a higher honey quality and super low HMF.

Capacity: up to 1000 kg/h

Length: 142 cm

Width: 72 cm

Height: 75 cm

Motor: 2,2 kW

Electricity: 240V single phase

Power requirement: 10A

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