Product code: PASTEURIZING


The new Paradise Honey Pasteurization Machine for pasteurizing honey is designed for commercial honey processing and is exceptionally compact and easy to use. The processing capacity for the machine is up to 300 kg/h.

Pasteurization process is as follows: Honey (with temperature of approx. 30 Celsius) is pumped from a honey tank into
a flash heating chamber of the pasteurization machine. From the flash heating chamber the honey flows into a cooling chamber and after passing the cooling chamber honey flows through an optional fine filter and then into honey
settling tanks. The pasteurization temperature is freely adjustable in the machine control panel, however it is recommended to be set between 63 and 72 Celsius.

Size of Pasteurizing Equipment

L: 150 cm W: 100 cm H: 210 cm

Electricity: 400V three phase

Power requirement: 32A


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