Product code: R550


New continuously operating Honey Rocket System with Turbo is designed for commercial honey and wax separation especially to be used together with a mixer tank system and also when the space for honey extraction equipment is limited, for instance inside a mobile honey extraction trailer. The new Turbo Honey Inlet makes it easy to supercharge honey and wax mixture into the honey rocket and further increase the honey and wax separation capacity while keeping the feeding process of the honey rocket system clean. As a result the separation result of the honey rocket system is even more dry than in the honey and wax press systems. The result of this process offers a higher honey quality and super low HMF.

Capacity: up to 550 kg/h

Length: 93 cm

Width: 125 cm

Height: 147 cm

Motor: 1,1 kW

Electricity: 240V single phase

Power requirement: 10A

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